ServiceMaster by Rice has always been proud to serve our customers as more than just a cleaning service, but nobody could have predicted what a global pandemic would demand of sanitation and cleaning standards. After a year of professional Covid-19 cleaning services provided to both residential and commercial clients, it is clear that the necessity of proper disinfection techniques will continue to be important well into 2021. 

After your home or business has served as a host to Covid-19 exposure/infection, it is important to properly sanitize and disinfect to stop the potential for further spread. You deserve the knowledge and service to gain back a sense of peace as you return to your new ‘new normal’, so we are happy to break down the process of proper coronavirus disinfection and cleaning for you. Call our team today to get on the schedule for professional decontamination and Covid-19 cleaning.

What does Covid-19 disinfection and cleaning involve? 

Proper PPE for Sanitation

In order to protect our employees and minimize the spread of the virus, all Covid cleaning crews wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). ServiceMaster by Rice follows the most up-to-date CDC guidelines when serving at our work sites. Employees wear disposable gloves and gowns that are then removed and disposed of carefully. Further equipment like specialized masks and eye protection are also used.

EPA List N Products

The Environmental Protection Agency List N products are expected to kill coronavirus particles on surfaces. These products are recognized as being particularly effective in Covid-19 cleaning and sanitation. Your ServiceMaster by Rice team is attentive to use each List N product according to label instructions in order to maximize effectiveness. 

The Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting

Simply spraying a surface with the proper product is not enough when it comes to Covid-19 disinfection. Before using disinfectant, all surfaces are cleaned using soap and water to reduce the quantity of germs and dirt. After cleaning, crews use proper disinfecting methods to kill any germs or viral particles that may remain. 

To optimize the hygiene of your home or workspace, it is recommended to practice your own routine cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces like light switches, keyboards, countertops, microwaves, and more. 

Proper Disinfection Procedures for COVID-19

You can rest assured that your ServiceMaster by Rice Covid-19 cleaning team takes no shortcuts when it comes to the job at hand. After a proper and thorough cleaning of your surfaces, the use of disinfecting products commences with attention to the specifics. From following the manufacturer’s label instructions like leaving a surface wet for a period of time to selecting the optimal application equipment, our crews leave no surface unattended to.

Cleaning Up Soiled COVID Cleaning Materials

Our assistance finishes with the proper disposal and sealing up of soiled materials. We will not only leave your space sparkling clean and completely sanitized, but are sure to take all materials used along with us so you are not responsible for handling contaminated PPE.

ServiceMaster by Rice’s COVID Sanitation Work

Disinfection Certification

In an effort to ease the minds of both your employees and your customers, ServiceMaster by Rice can provide you with a certificate of disinfection with the date and time of your last disinfection displayed. While this is not required and some businesses prefer to keep their Covid-19 cleaning services private, displaying your certificate may reassure employees and customers that you are taking active measures to protect them.

Workplace Coronavirus Hygiene Materials

ServiceMaster by Rice provides complementary materials to support a hygienic environment and tips for keeping Covid-19 at bay in your space. These materials include:

  • A detailed hand hygiene instructional flyer for display near sinks
  • A high-touch surface cleaning checklist for your everyday cleaning
  • An informational video to share with your employees on everyday tips for keeping a clean office and common spaces
  • An additional informational video to share with employees on keeping homes clean and sanitized

Schedule Covid-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Services

Take an active role in protecting yourself and your employees/customers from Covid-19. Contact ServiceMaster by Rice today to schedule regular cleaning and disinfecting services, or to schedule service after your space has been exposed to the novel coronavirus.