Many professionals label aspergillus mold as the most common of the types of mold found in homes. While mold infestations in the home are never welcome, similar to other molds, aspergillus is used for helpful purposes like the production of citric acid!

What is Aspergillus Mold?

Aspergillus (pronounced a-spr-gi-luhs) mold is the label for a family of over 250 mold species found commonly throughout the world. Depending on the aspergillus species, the mold typically starts out white in color, then changes to green, brown, yellow, or even black (not to be confused with stachybotrys black mold). The mold can become airborne and easily get into homes, which is why it may be one of the most common of household molds.

Where is Aspergillus found in the home?

While aspergillus mold is frequently found in natural environments like compost bins and piles of decomposing leaves, it can additionally be found anywhere in your home where moist areas are exposed to oxygen. Homeowners may find aspergillus mold in any of the following places in and around the home:

  • Compost bins
  • Leaf piles
  • HVAC vents
  • Window AC units
  • Damp drywall
  • Stored grains and spices

Due to the airborne nature and the ability of aspergillus spores to travel through spaces like air conditioning ducts, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint exact locations of mold infestations occurring within the home. To minimize your risk for a home mold problem, get your home inspected for mold conditions or tested for the presence of mold.

How Does Aspergillus Mold Affect Your Health?

While most healthy people are unaffected by aspergillus mold spores in the air, there are rare yet dangerous health risks tied to aspergillus.

Due to the fact that aspergillus mold can travel so freely through the air and survive in many temperatures (anywhere from around 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees), the mold is able to (rarely) cause problems and grow within the human lungs. As aspergillus is inhaled, it is typically dealt with effectively by the immune system. However, some people may develop an infection called aspergillosis. If you suspect you may have sickness due to mold, your doctor can test and treat you.

Respiratory Mold Infection

Symptoms of aspergillosis can range from mild to severe, and if you suspect you may be reacting to the presence of aspergillus in your lungs, it is important to see your medical provider. Possible symptoms of an infection from aspergillus mold include:

  • Allergy symptoms like coughing and wheezing
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Coughing up blood
  • Chest pain

Mycotoxin Production

Apart from respiratory infection caused by aspergillus mold, some species of mold can develop into hazardous toxic mold. Many people think exclusively of black mold when it comes to toxic mold; unfortunately it is the case that aspergillosis can produce the dangerous mycotoxins as well.

Aspergillus Mold Removal

If you are able to identify the location of a mold outbreak in your home, getting removal and remediation completed is of the utmost importance in preserving your health and your home. A mold professional will be able to safely remove a problem while minimizing risk of the spores spreading to other areas. The experts at ServiceMaster by Rice utilize negative pressure barriers to prevent spores from traveling during remediation, wear proper protective equipment, and are thorough in removing the entirety of the issue. Call our team today for more information and to request service.

How to Prevent Aspergillus Mold

Like all molds, the key to prevention is proper moisture control. Especially in homes that experience flooding or other water damage, the importance of keeping things dry cannot be understated. Some simple tips from our pros at ServiceMaster by Rice:

  • Hire a professional to ensure complete water removal and thorough drying after an incident
  • Utilize dehumidifiers during warmer months or in areas of the home that are high in humidity
  • Never let water sit unattended, be sure to clean up messes
  • Ensure proper ventilation in places like bathrooms (use the fan)

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