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Upon your request, ServiceMaster Restore will provide services required and selected by you to assist with water, smoke and fire related events. These services include:

  • Access to our emergency response network 24 / 7 / 365
  • Immediate response — On site within 2 to 4 hours with trained, uniformed staff equipped to begin necessary work
  • Priority service over non Priority Response Program accounts
  • All pricing at industry standard, agreed upon at time of service (Xactimate or Time & Materials)
  • Centralized billing
  • Dedicated effort to return you to pre-loss condition as quickly possible
  • The complete service range of Priority Response Program services
    • Services may include:
      • Fire and Smoke Restoration
      • Water Damage and Mitigation
      • Drying and Dehumidification
      • Document Drying and Recovery
      • Building Stabilization
      • Controlled Demolition
      • Safety and Compliance
      • Project Management and Consultation Services
      • Reconstruction Services with Large-loss Capabilities
      • All work completed in accordance with Federal, state and local regulations

By submitting this form, you commit to providing the services listed above.

I would like to enroll in the Priority Response Program:

  • Your Information

  • Account Information

  • Facility Information

  • If available, please send an excel file of your facility locations to

  • Referring Franchise Information

  • This text message address will be used to notify you of any losses that were dispatched for this account that are outside your area.
    This will allow you to serve the customer if it’s a large loss outside your area. The call center agent will tell you what the loss is and if you are unable to serve it, they will simply dispatch it to the commercially-certified QRV in the area.
  • Additional Account Locations

  • Please specify all locations for this account to be served. You will need to indicate on this list which locations your business should be pre-assigned to, and if you have multiple licenses, which license number should be pre-assigned for each location. All other locations will be in the normal call center rotation for dispatching losses. If you are pre-assigning yourself, you are stating that you will serve this account every time, regardless of whether it is a $500 or $500,00 loss. The first time you don’t serve a particular location you are pre-assigned to for this account you will lose the pre-assignment for that location.

  • Pre-Assign to

  • Additional Account Location 2

  • Pre-Assign to

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