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Emergency Tips

Call 911 immediately if you are in a situation that will require police, fire and/or medical assistance.

After you and those affected have found safety please call us for assistance (515-274-9109).
One of our professionals will begin to help you address the situation over the phone until our team is able to arrive.
Here are some basic tips to enact while you are waiting for assistance.

Water Damage


  • Try to stop the source of water intrusion if you can
  • Remove any area rugs that are wet
  • Remove as many items as possible from affected areas


  • Go into a room that has standing water until the electricity to the building has been turned off
  • Use a vacuum for water cleanup
  • Try to lift tacked down carpet without professional assistance
  • Touch or try to clean visible mold

Fire Damage


  • If you can, air-out the building to reduce odor
  • Dispose of open food packages
  • Change the furnace filters
  • Protect furniture and assets from water damage resulting from fire mitigation


  • Attempt to clean your office building. Improper techniques and cleaning agents can make the situation worse
  • Use any electrical appliances until they are checked



  • Pinpoint and document all damage
  • Take pictures of damage
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove broken glass from carpet and upholstery
  • Blot or scrape debris from carpet or walls – do not rub
  • Wash egg or other residues from building exterior


  • Attempt to clean fabrics, upholstery or carpets with house hold cleaning products
  • Attempt to remove chemical stains, including ink or paint

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