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Fire and smoke cleanup can be a difficult task. ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in professional, immediate assistance to your home after a fire. If the damage is not handled correctly and in a timely manner, your home and property can incur long term damages. Our crews specialize in cleaning soft goods, furniture and carpets, cabinets, ceilings, walls, and floors, as well as structural restoration services to return your home to its pre-fire conditions. Call ServiceMaster by Rice for all your fire and smoke cleanup needs today.

Fire Damage Repair Plan:

  • Assess the Damage —  The lingering damage from smoke requires a quick response, and any water used to extinguish the fire can also lead to further damage is not addressed quickly.
  • Emergency Response — Fires frequently create breeches in the building structure. It is important to cover these openings to minimize further damage from vandalism or weather elements.
  • Deodorize — It is important to identify which items affected by the fire can be restored and which are non-salvageable.
  • Deodorize — Removal of fire and smoke odor requires special products, systems and equipment employed by highly trained and experienced professionals.
  • Corrosion Control — After the fire, smoke and water damage have occurred, it is necessary to treat the surfaces affected. If the surfaces are left untreated, corrosion can occur and cause further damage to the surfaces and items in your home.

ServiceMaster by Rice has worked on many large fire losses across the state of Iowa to repair structural damage, water damage clean up, and smoke damage repair. For questions about how ServiceMaster by Rice can help you after a fire, contact us today.

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