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Trauma Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup Made Easy from ServiceMaster by Rice

The experienced staff at ServiceMaster by Rice is prepared to help you with all of your trauma cleanup needs. Trauma cleanup takes the right kind of knowledge and expertise, which our crews have. No matter which type of trauma cleanup is needed, you can trust ServiceMaster to erase every trace of the incident from your home or business. All of our trauma rates are affordable and accepted by most insurance companies.

Biohazard, Blood and Body Fluid Cleaning

After a violent crime, accident, or suicide occurs, you’re going to need a thorough cleanup process. While the police or fire department may show up to your home after the incident is reported, they won’t be there afterwards to help with the cleanup process. ServiceMaster By Rice technicians are certified in proper cleanup of these events to avoid health concerns that may follow without proper disposal.

Unattended Death Cleanup

When death occurs, the body begins to decompose immediately. Bodily fluids are released and they begin to contaminate and seep into surrounding areas including floors, carpet, clothing, furniture, mattresses, and the home’s structure. The body releases chemicals that can be very overwhelming to the senses and things such as diseases, pathogens, bacteria, and mold spores may very well be present. This creates a dangerous situation that should not be taken on by someone who is untrained and doesn’t have the proper equipment to clean with. Our team has the training necessary to clean the area after an unattended death occurs. We’ll properly clean the area, disinfect it and rebuild any damaged structures to make the area safe to live in again.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes often have the tendency to be messy, and there are plenty of dangers associated with attempting to clean a crime scene yourself. Things like bodily fluids, body matter, and fingerprint dust may be left behind after crime scene investigators leave your home.

Hoarding Cleanup

Having to cleanup or cleanout a home or apartment of someone who is a hoarder can be a daunting task. Even if the stuff is well organized, you never know what kind of things you may find hidden in a corner or stuck between boxes. Hoarding cleanup can be dangerous and hazardous to those who attempt the cleaning process. The ServiceMaster team will clean, sanitize and remove all waste and hazardous materials from your home. We’ll also provide home restoration services and reconstruction services to make the space livable again. Our services are not only affordable, but very efficient as well.

Industrial Accident/Injury Cleaning

Industrial accidents and injuries are often traumatic not only for the person who gets injured, but the witnesses as well. Cleaning an industrial accident can be extremely dangerous for an untrained professional. Not only will they have to deal with the emotional damage from the accident, there are dangers involved with attempting to cleanup the mess if you’re not properly equipped. There is risk for diseases in the body fluids left behind, and it’s not a risk you should take.

Vehicle Blood and Body Fluid Cleaning

We understand that vehicle cleanup is often an afterthought in the middle of the chaos associated with a major car accident. If the vehicle is salvageable to drive again, don’t bother wasting your time tracking down the proper cleaning supplies; contact the experts at ServiceMaster by Rice. Your car will need to be completely cleaned by our professionals who are experienced in removing blood and other bodily fluids that may be in your car.

We serve a variety of communities throughout the state of Iowa and Minnesota. To learn more about any of our trauma cleanup services, reach out to us today.

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