water and flood damage

Water & Flood Damage

Flood & Water Damage Repair in Des Moines

ServiceMaster by Rice can handle water damage caused by sump pump failure, sewer backup, flooding, overflow of water, leaking appliances, and broken pipes. Our crews have extensive experience in dealing with hundreds of water losses each year. Our experience enables us to assess the situation quickly and formulate a targeted response to any emergency. A fast response time limits the amount of damage to your property and reduces the cost of repairs for you. Our staff uses advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture, extract the standing water quickly, and thoroughly clean and dry your home and belongings.

Recovery & Restoration Procedure Guidelines:

  • Identify Source — First, we identify the source of the problem. Next, we analyze the degree of damage by conducting a thorough examination utilizing specialized moisture detection meters and probes to determine the location and extent of moisture.
  • Evaluate Carpeting — The condition of damaged carpeting may range from easily salvageable to non-salvageable. We will assess your carpets condition to determine the degree of damage. We use sophisticated devices to measure the moisture content in your property.
  • Evaluate Flooring — Water has a very different effect on different types of flooring. Tile, vinyl, and laminate all present different issues regarding potential issues with water trapped in the sub-floor. Our team uses the best equipment to detect and dry your flooring.
  • Evaluate Walls, Ceiling and Cabinets — Water intrusion may cause damage not visible in walls, ceilings, and cabinets structures. Walls may need to be removed in order to effectively identify water damage and utilize drying equipment. To identify the damage and to be able to effectively utilize drying equipment may require removal of certain wall, ceiling and cabinet structures.
  • Structural Drying — Once the source of the water has been removed and a determination has been made of what is salvageable, thorough and prompt drying of the affected areas is critical. Our managers regularly monitor the drying process and measure moisture content to assure that all affected areas are properly dried.

In order to repair your water damage, we have experienced professionals who can assess the situation and take the appropriate steps to ensure no further damage occurs to your property. Whether you are located near Des Moines, Spencer, Carroll, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Cedar Rapids, Atlantic, or Fairmont, Minnesota, there is a ServiceMaster by Rice team that can help restore your home from water damage.

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